Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June Journaling 8

I found a list of daily prompts for journaling in June and thought I'd give it a shot.

8. Your best qualities:

Passion and empathy
I care deeply about injustices done to others and work to make the world better for others as I can. In addition to donating funds as I am able, I volunteer with Planned Parenthood and as an abortion clinic escort. With PP, I work to spread awareness of sexual health services available at low and reduced costs for people in the community. Escorting helps many people more easily access the care they need and counter protesters who spread lies. And I'm fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to research both cures for blood cancers and treatments to help patients today. I advocate for anti-racism, size acceptance, LGBTQ issues in my daily life as well.

Adventurous spirit
I have learned to do belly dance, fire spinning, contact juggling, flag dancing, wood burning, sewing, photography, calligraphy, papercrafts, trail running, triathlon, weight lifting, hashing, boffer combat, burlesque, and a wee bit of parkour. I swam with sharks.

I do a lot of things that scare me a lot. I took a job overseas for a year, my first time being away from home. I stepped up to compete in a triathlon I was uncertain I could finish. I finished a 15.2-mile Spartan Beast that I planned from the start to DNF. I recently got CPR and First Aid certified; I don't know how to explain to you why this is on the list, but if you're an introvert with general anxiety like me, you get it.

I may come back and add more to this entry, but my brain is about shot for the day.

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