Monday, June 6, 2016

June Journaling 6

I found a list of daily prompts for journaling in June and thought I'd give it a shot. This one is pretty mundane.

6. Something to remember:

My task this evening is to remember to pick up some groceries and unload the dishwasher. This, I'm told, is my payment for my housemate's feeding me.

I don't enjoy the time and labor that go into cooking and have been having trouble consistently feeding myself the nutritious things I would like to. So I asked the housemate who LOVES to cook if she'd add an extra portion for me occasionally, and I'll cover the cost. Most of her recipes yield too many leftovers for her and her wife anyway, so I'm looking forward to helping them with that.

The cook is out of town for a few days, and the other is trying some new recipes. Yesterday was some awesome pork curry and rice. Tonight is chicken primavera. She just asked me to grab some ingredients and unload dishes in exchange.

The timing is especially apt since I'm kinda sick and fatigued today and struggling to make it through the work day. Not having to worry about how to feed myself is a relief. I've been experiencing executive dysfunction for a few days in addition to infrequent hunger and complete disinterest in food when I am hungry.

Executive dysfunction is a symptom of ADD/ADHD, and for me it manifests such that I sometimes look at a fridge and cupboard full of simple ingredients but absolutely cannot figure out how to get food in my grumbly belly. Coupled with low blood sugar, increasing hanger, and illness-related fatigue, it really sucks.

I'm a little bit ashamed to admit that I keep Ramen noodles on hand and that they are a staple of my diet because of the struggle to feed myself. I justify it by throwing an egg in for protein; and as much as I run and sweat, I do need the salt content.

I know I don't need to justify what I eat or feel ashamed about otherwise having a pretty good handle on adulting while still relying on a traditionally poor college kid's dish. But feelings don't care about logic.

Fortunately, my housemates like cats, particularly strays, so I fit right in with the other three.

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