Friday, June 17, 2016

June Journaling 17

I found a list of daily prompts for journaling in June and thought I'd give it a shot.

17. Words you need to share:

Especially this week as we're reeling from grief and feeling helpless:  

Remember that you must put on your own oxygen mask before you can assist others.

Take care of yourself and honor your needs for self care and self compassion. Take the time to feel your feelings, and don't worry if you cannot yet find the energy, time, or space necessary to comfort others or take action. Trust that you are doing the absolute best you can with the resources available to you; you are doing the best you can with the stress and coping skills that you have, and no one can ask any more of you than you can do.

"Remember that it is common to have a range of emotions after a traumatic incident. You may experience intense stress similar to the effects of a physical injury. For example, you may feel exhausted, sore or off balance." —American Psychological Association suggestions for managing distress in the aftermath of a shooting
As a bisexual woman, I felt this article in particular resonates with my feelings:
"Being a bi woman means occupying a lot of weird liminal space. In that way we are very queer….we don’t fit well into boxes. Too gay to be straight, too straight to be gay, we are often locked out of the resources and support meant for the queer community due to biphobia and erasure while being pornified and objectified by the patriarchal male gaze of heteronormative culture. It’s no wonder that bi women are suffering from such a serious mental health crisis."

Self-Compassion exercises
45 Simple Self-Care ideas

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