Thursday, October 31, 2013

Updates & Halloween

The Choice 5k on the 19th was swell! We had a small but exciting turnout and are eagerly looking to develop a much larger event for next year.

I ran an excellent A&S tourney at an Amtgard event on the 25th and have been getting very positive feedback from the entrants. One person showed up three hours after the cutoff, I denied her entry, and she has been bitching and moaning and trash talking me ever since.

We had an office party and costume contest on the 30th, so I agreed to dress up with my department as nerds.

And today I wore the costume I've really been excited for. I got a lot of compliments on my outfit, but no one recognized the character.

I was on track to hit my October goal of running 70 miles until I missed my long run on the 27th because of a headache, leaving me with 18 miles to run in 4 days. I did 4 on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, 3.5 Wednesday morning, 3 Wednesday night, and 3.5 this morning to finish out the 70. And now I want to sleep for days.

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