Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cobras and llamas and bears, oh my!

I got to go to the Sharkarosa Ranch on Sunday, Oct. 6 to see lots of cute animals. It was a gorgeous, cool day without a cloud in the sky. The drive way up to Pilot Point was tedious but definitely worth it with friends.

First we saw Cody the Cobra.

There was a petting zoo with lots of cute goats, two rabbits, a big pig, a sheep, a llama, and a camel. I didn't know camels could be so soft! There were all sorts of lemurs and other monkey-creatures napping in their enclosures. Two two-toed sloths did what sloths do; that is, sloth.

A wittle wallabee was all by himself on the far side of his pen. The kangaroos lazed through the afternoon, as well as two deer: a male and female.

This majestic creature was in an accident as a youngster and healed oddly.

There were two sad-looking bear rescues doomed to listen to "Bear Necessities" playing on repeat in their enclosure. And here is a link to the full album (30 photos).

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