Monday, October 7, 2013

Science and Music

I had a fun-filled, jam-packed weekend.
Friday night: Science of Music at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science!

Perot exterior in the early evening light

I sat in on some lectures in the theater but enjoyed the incredible acoustics of the theater itself more than the material presented. Two scientists discussed the use of sound for analyzing geography and other data, which is inherently very interesting stuff. I could tell they were passionate about their work, but I giggled inwardly because they are researchers and not very good at simplifying everything for a lay audience, so it was a terribly dull lecture, unfortunately. I'm glad I went.

I got to play a violin and a trumpet! UNT music students were there with instruments to share and glorious bottles full of antiseptic for use between uses.

I'm a lefty; this is weird.

I attended with a friend and really enjoyed the rare opportunity for some solo time with her. She sat in for one more lecture while I wandered the other exhibits. We briefly saw a dance company warming up but never happened to see their improv performances that night. There was supposed to be a silent disco, but it included people in fancy clothes walking around with headphones while looking at the minerals hall instead of dancing. I got no headphones, but I like the cool rocks, and at least this area was quiet.

Cool rocks

There was a pretty cool, creepy, dark video about the use of sound in video game development, specifically how the audio designer filters out high tones when your character drowns in order to simulate the sound of being underwater so that you will sympathize with your character, though you should be thoroughly desensitized to his dying by that point in the game.

Stuffed peacock in a hall of dead animals.

Stuffed cheetah in a hall of dead animals.

The Animals Inside Out exhibit from Body Worlds is also going on in the museum right now, with only slices of a giraffe visible in the lobby. The doors to the exhibit hall opened briefly as a teaser and I got to see the ostrich. It was too cool. The special exhibit costs extra, so I'll have to talk someone into taking me.

Horizontal cross sections. Giraffe hearts weigh 25 pounds.

Lobby interior at night

Exterior of the Perot at night.

Did you know the frogs outside light up? Neither did I.

Have I mentioned that the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is just about the coolest thing ever and that I've already been three times and want to go more several more to see Animals Inside Out and watch a science film in the gorgeous theater? It is, and I do.

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