Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why is it so hard to find body positive runners?

A running group I belong to lists in its description that it will allow posting of personal questions, stories, advice, personal race photos and transformation photos. I’ve really been enjoying this group because it is overwhelmingly focused on running, compared to a running group I rage-quit a few hours after joining because it was all about weight loss.

Today a member posted an image from the internet that has used photoshop to enlarge the thighs and butts of two slim women running together and added a bucket of KFC fried chicken in their hands. I commented that the post deliberately demeans certain body types and food choices and is offensive and inappropriate to the group, and I have reported it.

The original poster is defending it, claiming she has a sense of humor and that I need to lighten up. I have both messaged the admin and tagged the admin in the comment thread of this post and really hope it will be dealt with. I can’t believe all the people supporting this image as a humorous post and attacking me for being a humorless bitch. UGH.

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