Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Street harassment is never funny.

A member of a running group on Facebook posted that she pulled up in her car beside a runner and badgered the runner to stop so she could ask, “Do you know Jesus?” She later commented that this never happened and was only a joke.

I'm not laughing, either.

I commented, “I don’t find anything funny about harassing runners, for any reason.” After several others’ comments and her trying to explain it, I asked “Is a joke funny that has to be explained?” And one of the lovely self-professed Christians who though it was fall-off-her-chair hysterical told me to “shut the hell up” and ‘gtfo.’ 

These people are *awesome,* and I keep nearly rage-quitting the group, but my mere presence and measured responses cause them so much consternation that I think I’ll stay awhile.

Street harassment is never funny.

I credit my atheism to Christians.

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