Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Mud Running Journey, pt. 2

I mentioned yesterday the mud runs I've done. Now I've got my eye on the upcoming Savage and Spartan races. The Savage Race is 6-7 miles on November 23. It has what is probably my favorite mud run promo video of all time.

Having completed a few 4-mile mud runs, one of which on a sprained foot, albeit slowly, I'm not too worried about this one. It will be slow, but I will finish strong. I might be a little worried about my buddy's ability to train for this distance in time, but he's helpful for tough obstacles, and we really enjoy running together.

The Spartan Beast, however, is a 10-12 mile obstacle run on December 15. One friend did sign up with me, and a few months later she confessed that should wouldn't be able to train for it but still planned to go. Then she recently bailed altogether. I was immediately relieved because I'd been worried I'd be out on the course for 5 hours walking with her. But I've felt kind of anxious since then. It is a VERY challenging course, and I have injured myself at a mud run before. There are likely to be long, lonely stretches, and I've grown very accustomed to running with the buddy system.

So I'm planning as best I can and trying to think like a boy scout. I'll have a hydration pack with space for my cell phone safely sealed in a sandwich bag, extra energy chews, and—hell—a painkiller just in case. My RoadID with all my emergency medical information is on its way in the mail as we speak. Because it's a December event, I should be able to comfortably wear long-sleeved gear and worry only about sunblock for my face and neck.

Based on the video I've seen for this event, I need to acquire a sandbag to haul everywhere I go. I'm going to take a break at work every afternoon to go down to the lobby and walk up to the 19th floor and call it hills training. I've packed clothes to hit the gym after work today, but I don't know if I can make it a habit.

Here's hoping.

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