Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bad Prom 5k

Once we got past the $10 parking fee that the Bad Prom 5k failed to mention or even allude to on its website, in the pre-race documents, at the packet pickup, or in any of the multiple emails sent to participants with various other race-day reminders, it was a very fun and well-organized event.

I had been worried going in, because the last gimmick-race I ran at The Ballpark at Arlington was the abysmal Neon Splash Dash. But the Bad Prom 5k was much smaller and sent out smaller waves with plenty space enough for running. The course wound through actual roads rather than back and forth through parking lots and used big, reflective cones and gate barriers for clear markings.

The best part was waiting in the Start corral and hearing the Bad Prom 5k announcer explain basic race etiquette as he advised walkers and picture-takers to stay to the right and keep the path clear for runners on the left! If only every race did that!

There Bad Prom 5k had four photo stations set up with huge inflatables and music: Titanic, Paris, Under the Sea, and a Castle and Dragon. I only carried my phone, so my pictures didn't turn out well, but there were LOTS of photographers on this course, and I'm very eager to see the photos published. I might even order some.

At the end, there was a dance party with a decent DJ, and my friends, brother, and I had a ball with the deliberately bad-dance party.

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