Thursday, November 21, 2013

Spartan progress

I just received my Spartan Race beanie in the mail, which I had completely forgotten about, and I love it!

I took two weeks off running to heal up from a possible stress fracture, had a short run on Tuesday and my calves are still aching, and I have the Savage Race on Saturday. Savage is the 5- to 7-mile obstacle race that should give me a feel for whether I can make it through the Spartan Beast three weeks after.

I run better in cool weather and made it through a hot and humid 10k trail race in October, but Saturday is going to be very cold, and I'll be crawling through mud and water obstacles. I haven't trained at all in the cold because it's been a pretty mild season so far, so this is probably going to suck a lot.

I plan to bring Felix the Fetus on this adventure with me for some silly photo-ops.

In the meantime, today is Day 4 of the Spartan Race 30 burpees for 30 days challenge. I've had to do two sets of fifteen with a two-minute rest between, but it's certainly manageable. I'll do the next 30 tonight after work.

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