Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fit Fatties Virtual Double Decathlon and We Stand with Boston

I signed up to participate in the Fit Fatties Virtual Decathlon this year and quickly knocked out a decathlon in January, so I signed up for a Double Decathlon after all. Here is my planned list of possible events:
  • 1 mile walk/run/roll
  • 5k walk/run/roll
  • 10k walk/run/roll
  • Half Marathon walk/run/roll
  • Marathon walk/run/roll
  • Swim - quarter mile
  • Swim - half mile
  • Shimmy it Out (30 minute shimmy--can switch shimmy location through event)
  • Belly Dancing (60 minutes of dancing)
  • Set It Free (Complete a free weight workout)
  • Lift A Ton (Lift a total of 2000 pounds, not necessarily all at once - you can complete this over a month!)
  • Take a Hike (Enjoy at least a mile of the great outdoors.)
  • Take a Tread (Enjoy at least a mile of the great indoors.  Walk on the treadmill, elliptical or other machine, or just walk around inside.)
  • Stairway to Heaven (Climb 100 stairs in one day.)
  • Push It Good (Do 100 push-ups (any style) in one day.)
  • Walk the Plank (Do 60 minutes of planking in one day.)
  • Squat it Out (Do 100 squats in one day.)
  • Get in the Flow - 60 of work with flow toy, such as poi, staff, juggling, dance/fire fans, rola bola, balance ball, aerial silks or hoop, meteor
  • On thin Ice - 60 minutes of ice skating or rollerblading
  • Keep it Class-y (Take a movement class - including dvd or online- that you've never tried before for at least 60 minutes.)
  • Drama Drama Drama (Throw a full blown temper tantrum lasting at least 30 minutes.)
  • Shop Til you Drop (Shop for three continuous hours - online doesn't count!)

In my previous update, I posted about my completion of Take a Hike, Push it Good, Shop til You Drop, Lift a Ton, Drama Drama Drama, and Keep it Class-y. Today's update includes two more.

#14 Set it Free (Complete a free weight workout)

#15 10k run

This run was warm and humid and fucking sucked. There were a lot of fumes from evening traffic and nearby construction sites, and my arms broke out as if I'd been rolling in grass. There was tons of Easter trash all over the park because people are shitty. And then I found unopened Starbursts on the ground.

I checked my app when I thought I must only have a mile left and found that I had TWO MORE MILES to slog through. The bib is for the We Stand With Boston virtual run event and I expect a medal in the mail sometime next month.

April 29: My medal arrived yesterday and is bigger than I imagined!

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