Monday, April 7, 2014

365 Project update

At the beginning of 2014, I undertook a 365 photo project which would entail shooting at least one photograph every day for a year with the aim to improve my photography skills. As expected, I lost steam after about a month and fell behind on editing but kept shooting. I missed a day after about two months, and it all fell apart. Now I take photos only when I want to instead of forcing myself as a chore.

Uploading and editing are far too time-consuming with consideration to all the other hobbies I have. I rarely make it past two weeks of 30-day challenges, so I'm fairly proud of how long I stuck with the 365 challenge. I'm still taking a lot of pictures and enjoying it, even if I have a long list of events to edit.

I enjoy photography as a hobby and not having to worry about owing anyone perfection. I enjoy cell phone photos and selfies and learning to see my self and my world in new ways and capturing memories. Here are a few favorites from this year so far.

Cale the Juggler at Scarborough Faire

Cathartic smashing of a bathroom scale with a big rock

Johnny's Valentines Day Double Rainbow wedding

Me being silly

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