Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fit Fatties Virtual Double Decathlon Update 1

I signed up to participate in the Fit Fatties Virtual Decathlon this year and quickly knocked out a decathlon in January, so I signed up for a Double Decathlon after all. Here is my planned list of possible events:

  • 1 mile walk/run/roll
  • 5k walk/run/roll
  • 10k walk/run/roll
  • Half Marathon walk/run/roll
  • Marathon walk/run/roll
  • Swim - quarter mile
  • Swim - half mile
  • Shimmy it Out (30 minute shimmy--can switch shimmy location through event)
  • Belly Dancing (60 minutes of dancing)
  • Set It Free (Complete a free weight workout)
  • Lift A Ton (Lift a total of 2000 pounds, not necessarily all at once - you can complete this over a month!)
  • Take a Hike (Enjoy at least a mile of the great outdoors.)
  • Take a Tread (Enjoy at least a mile of the great indoors.  Walk on the treadmill, elliptical or other machine, or just walk around inside.)
  • Stairway to Heaven (Climb 100 stairs in one day.)
  • Push It Good (Do 100 push-ups (any style) in one day.)
  • Walk the Plank (Do 60 minutes of planking in one day.)
  • Squat it Out (Do 100 squats in one day.)
  • Get in the Flow - 60 of work with flow toy, such as poi, staff, juggling, dance/fire fans, rola bola, balance ball, aerial silks or hoop, meteor
  • On thin Ice - 60 minutes of ice skating or rollerblading
  • Keep it Class-y (Take a movement class - including dvd or online- that you've never tried before for at least 60 minutes.)
  • Drama Drama Drama (Throw a full blown temper tantrum lasting at least 30 minutes.)
  • Shop Til you Drop (Shop for three continuous hours - online doesn't count!)

In my previous update, I posted about my completion of the 5k run, half-mile swim, On Thin Ice, and Squat it Out. I have since completed six more.

#8 Take a Hike (Enjoy at least a mile of the great outdoors.)
 I took a 4-mile jog around White Rock Lake.

#9 Push it Good (100 push-ups in one day)
Did 50 bombers and 50 regulars, no knees! But not all at once.

#10 Shop til You Drop (3 hours shopping)
I found this gorgeous beaded tunic in Deep Ellum for $15.

#11 Lift a Ton (Lift 2000 pounds, not all at once)

#12 Drama Drama Drama (throw a tantrum for 30 min)
I spent about 90 minutes smashing things after a breakup.

#13 Keep it Class-y (try a new fitness class you've never done)
I signed up for Hiking Yoga, which entailed a brisk 5k walk along Katy Trail and four yoga stops for a total 90 minutes.

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