Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What can lipstick really do? #redmylips

I rouged my lips, dubiously wondering what the point was and what it could possibly accomplish. I don’t even like wearing red lipstick except with loud costumes and didn’t bring a tube with me to touch up later in the day.

But wouldn’t you know, a coworker commented on it and I had the opportunity to tell her that April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and there’s a campaign @redmylipsorg to wear red lipstick every day to open up a dialogue about the issue. #redmylips

She smiled and said she’d join in, too.

What is the point?

red lipstick ≠ consent
being woman ≠ DTF
bisexuality ≠ DTF
polyamory ≠ DTF
silence ≠ consent

*DTF is short for "down to fuck" is slang for "open to fucking anyone"

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