Friday, April 18, 2014

For your amusement: Crappy copy editor cover letters, Part 2

These are actual cover letters received for a copy editing position.

April 11:

[Company] Administrators,

        I would like to express my interest in the position of Content-Copy Editor. I have confidence that I could be an asset to [Company] as a strong team member by facilitating the use of research-based best practices and promoting critical thinking and problem solving. The classroom teacher, instructional leader, and curriculum writing experience I bring will be invaluable. I have strong writing, grammar, and communication skills. I am adept to bringing teachers resources in grades K-5 Reading, as well as proficient at using [Company] data and lessons.  It will be critical for me to collaborate with my colleagues Thank you for your consideration for this position.


April 15:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in regard to your job listing for English Content and Copy Editor. I was pleased to find that the job requirements you have listed compliment my skill set.

As an English Writing Lecturer at [Place] University and a Facilitator for the University of [Online Place], I gained considerable experience creating instructional materials for diverse audiences.  My work as a Customer Support Representative for [Competitor] and as an Online Instructional Design Technician for [Other Company] provided me with a strong background in learning technology.  Finally, my publication history proves my ability to meet editorial guidelines and quality expectations.

I love writing and editing, regardless of the subject matter.  I want the opportunity to bring this love to a career at [Company].

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

[Name], MFA, MA

April 16:

Reply to English Content and Copy Editor:
I am writing in response to the English Content and Copy Editor position that I saw posted on the [Misspelled Company Name] website. The position requirements and my skills are a perfect match.
As you will see on my enclosed resume, I have the educational background, professional experience, and track record for which you are searching.  I currently serve as an Instructional Coach who specializes in literacy. Although I have many responsibilities, one of my main roles is to create, proofread and edit lessons the lessons of my staff.  In addition, I have a wide range of professional experience as a teacher, program manager, and curriculum developer.
I can promise that meeting with me will not be a waste of your time—and I will make myself available at your convenience, during or outside of normal business hours.


April 18:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am thrilled to submit my resume for the English Content and Copy Editorship. I am confident that I will excel in the position.

Master’s candidate in applied English linguistics
Research experience in technology and language teaching
5 years classroom teaching experience
Demonstrated experience writing and editing English curricula
Skilled at time management and meeting deadlines
Proficient in MS-Office and web-based educational and publishing tools
Owns a copy of Adobe InDesign
Can adapt and excel demanding situations

Larger companies are offering mid 40’s for similar positions. I am willing to negotiate for the chance to join a smaller, more dynamic company with room to grow (or ludicrous amounts of PTO).

I appreciate your sincerest consideration of my qualifications and welcome a chance to discuss what I can bring to the [Company] team.


Edited to add following submissions.
April 19:

To Whom It May Concern,

Having personally worked alongside Mr. [Owner] and Mr. [Important] as a freelance writer for the [Related Business] and for the [Misnamed Related Company], I would be elated to work for 
[Misspelled Company Name], and feel that I have the commiserate background and skills to be a perfect fit for the job. I hold two degrees in English: A Bachelors in Professional Writing and Editing and a Masters in Composition and Rhetoric. Additionally, I have 6 years of teaching experience English spanning grades 7 through university-level seniors. I also Directed the National Writing Project site at [University] and am familiar with the core curriculum in schools. I am also a PhD student in the Arts and Technology School at [University] which positions me to be an ideal fit for the innovative work at [Misspelled Company Name]. I look forward to the opportunity to continue my relationship with the [Misspelled Company Name] community as the English Content and Copy Editor.

Thank you,


April 21:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I'm writing to express an interest in the English Content and Copy Editor or related position listed on your company webpage.  I have an abundance of classroom experience that would bring value to your organization in steering the success of future generations.  As an end-user of the 
[Misspelled Company Name] product, I seek opportunities to help shape curriculum-based programs that will impact today's learners in a very insightful way.

My experience expands beyond the classroom and I have evolved as a teacher who have taken a more focused approach to the technology content that drives today's youth.  Please take time to review my credentials and consider application as a viable solutions to help expand the growth of the 
[Misspelled Company Name] product line.

Thank you for your consideration.

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