Monday, April 14, 2014

Fancy Dress Picnic at Fair Park

Host to the Texas State Fair and myriad festivals and conventions, we all know Fair Park as a traffic nightmare to avoid if you're rushing on any given weekend. But did you know that Fair Park is like any public park in Dallas in that you can just walk in, have a picnic, and hang out?

On April 6, my fashion-savvy, spooky-savant friend Heather Carouth (pictured below) hosted her second annual Fancy Dress Picnic in celebration of her birthday. She calls herself a Fair Park fanatic for her love of the buildings, museums, and events hosted there and said she loves to spread the word about all it has to offer.

It was a gloomy, overcast day, perfect for our fair-skinned friends, though a bit chillier and rainier than we would have liked. The group of about a dozen laid out blankets on the grass in front of the Daughters of the American Revolution building and had a table of refreshments set up beneath a few pop-up pavilions. 

Melissa Veach (above) was kind enough to share her umbrella with me and brought beverages to share as well, and her fancy gentleman joined us in dressing up (below).

We drew no shortage of curious stares from the hoards lined up for the beer festival that day and even a handful who strolled by to ask what we were doing and take photos with us.

Above: Heather and Matilda Crow set the scene worlds away from Beer Fest.

So if you're looking for a unique setting to enjoy the spring weather, take the DART rail down and check out Fair Park. Just don't put down any wickets for croquet, because you'll probably get busted like we did for aerating the lawn.

  • Fair Park boasts the world's largest collection of Art Deco exhibit buildings, art and sculpture.
  • Fair Park is the only intact and unaltered pre-1950s world fair site remaining in the United States – with an extraordinary collection of 1930s art and architecture.
  • Today, the 277-acre park and its cultural, educational and sports facilities play host to more than seven million annual visitors.
Fair Park rules:
  • Skateboards, bicycles, roller skates or roller blades are not allowed inside the Fair Park gates during the State Fair of Texas. However, all are allowed during the remainder of the year provided that they are not used on the steps and plazas of our cherished buildings and monuments. 
  • You are always welcome to bring your own food or beverages in Fair Park, although some museums and buildings may not allow you to bring food or drink inside facilities. You may bring coolers or ice chests, but they are subject to search. Alcohol, glass containers, and metal knives and forks are not allowed.

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