Friday, March 18, 2016

What about the rest of us?

According to a 2013 survey by lingerie retailer Intimacy, the average bra size in the US is 34DD.

Why, then, are so few sports bras designed for any size larger than that? Do manufacturers not understand the meaning of "average"?

Even Competitor Running, in its current issue all about the best running gear, only offers sports bra recommendations for A to DD cup sizes. What about the rest of us, Competitor?

We already know that women DOMINATE this sport in participation. When is the industry going to start acknowledging this and our bodies?

Let me help you out. I may not have a whole team of athletes and contributing editors to source, but I've been a 34DDD runner for 6 years, and not without some serious support.
  • has a catalog compiling different brands and sizes beyond DDD with reviews and ratings based on the level of support each bra provides. Its aptly named Last Resort offering is the ENELL sports bra, which is available up to a 40DDD from Title Nine and from size 32C to 54G (and custom sizes!) at This is BY FAR my favorite for running and triathlon.
  • The Shock Absorber supports 30B to 40HH for high-impact activities. The band runs a bit tight, but the design perfectly encapsulates, separates, and compresses. Title Nine also lists this bra under the name "Trade-Up."
  • Though Moving Comfort offers sizes up to DDD/E and is recommended by Competitor Running, I find its support wholly unsuitable for running but would consider the brand for low-impact activities.
Sourced from the Fit Fatties Forum on Facebook, below are their recommendations for fellow fathletes:
  • Wizard of Bras lists all kinds of bras and brands: nursing bras, front-closure bras, minimizer bras, and sports bras by high, medium, and low impact.
  • Lauren Silva offers sports bras up to a 56G.
  • Glamorise offers various functional, stylish, and sports bras for larger busts as well.

There is CLEARLY demand for bigger and better sports bras, and they're out there! . . . if you know where to look.

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