Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A shitty swim

So today's swim was interrupted by a sudden panic over my long tri in May. Anxiety Brain didn't care that I still have plenty of time to train or that I'm finally comfortable in the water or that, hey, I'm trying to breathe and focus on swimming HERE. . . . RIGHT NOW.

"This is a pool. A POOL. It doesn't even compare. Open water is so awful; you can't possibly prepare for that! You can only swim 500 meters in open water and not fast or well. Why is does this tri have A MILE-LONG SWIM? It should be 800-1000 meters. No team, no coach. How could ANYONE do this alone?"

There wasn't even space to remember that I'll have two or three well-supported open-water swim-only races with an organization I like in the weeks before the tri. And if the weather patterns continue as they are, the lake will be plenty warm for all events so I won't even have to struggle against cold water.

And right now I'm not even supposed to be thinking about anything beyond my sprint tri in in two weeks!
Thanks a lot, brain.

There's an inspirational quote that says a good goal should scare you a little. I don't think this is what it meant.

Aaand I just read an article that says "By far, the majority of injuries or trauma on race day occur during the Swim." YIKES! I have indeed read some swim-start horror stories.

BUT I've done open water wade-in AND jump-in swim race starts without panicking, so I should be able to again.

Challenge mindset: I guess I need to plan a few trips to the beach in the next two months and bring a safety buddy. The weather has been unseasonably warm these winter months, so the water should be especially nice in a few weeks. Or at least warmer than freezing, which is what matters. I’ve never tried freestyle swimming in salt water, but I know lots of people do it, and Galveston has long, shallow swim beaches with little risk of rip tides. And I do love the beach.

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