Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Web-dating whinge

This is just a complaint about modern dating and how inconsiderate some people can be.

While I'm mildly irked at the trend of my last 5 dates canceling on me with short notice, I'm honestly thrilled to have that time back for myself. I really like Netflix and cats. Now I actually have time to pick up my race packet, buy groceries, run laundry, clean my room . . . all that good shit.

I see there might be something intrinsically wrong with the way I view dating if I consider it as taking away time from myself.

Initially I wanted to downplay my irritation lest it be seen as insecurity resulting from rejection, but the truth is that this shit pisses me off because it's fucking rude. I am a busy woman and my schedule is often full at least a week or two in advance, and it is not easy to make time to go out with ANYONE. Triathlon training is no joke; I’m doing 10 workouts most weeks.

And while I understand that sometimes things come up, this shouldn't be the norm for how people treat those with whom they've made plans.

I COULD HAVE GONE BACK TO BED after this morning’s grueling hour-long Camp Gladiator session and following 2.7-mile run if I’d known that TWO people would cancel on me for coffee and drinks in the span of 20 minutes today.

One had something with work come up and the other needed the whole two weeks we’d been chatting to decide the day of our plans that he’s just not ready to get back into the dating world after a recent breakup. Another did something similar last week, deciding to cancel on me the morning of concrete plans to meet after we’d been chatting for a week and a half. Another ghosted after a great first date and plans made for a second. All this in about a month.

Like, why make plans if you aren’t sure you even want to? The reason it takes 2 weeks to get a date with me is not because I’m going on so many (though I could if I wanted to). But aside from triathlon training, I work full time and have real-life friends and interests, house-hold chores and races.

Respect other people's time and honor your fucking commitments or don't make any.

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