Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sports Bra Recommendations

Breasts are a big deal, especially when it comes to running. Through several women’s fitness groups and friends, I’ve collected a list of sports bras for ALL SIZES and tips on how to choose and treat them. I hope you find this helpful and share with your friends.

Add your recommendations in the comments!

Don't wear two bras. Do invest in one that fits your body and provides the level of support you need. Wearing two bras on top of one another will not provide the same support as one properly fitted sports bra. Wearing two also gets really hot. (Source:

Don't bind with Ace bandages. It is dangerous and can cause serious issues such as tearing muscle, bruising of the ribs, misshaping the spine, and serious lung damage. (Source:

While many sports bras come in S/M/L sizing, women with C cups or larger need bras with a cup and band size.

Take care of your bra. Investing in a good sports bra is pointless if you don’t treat it right:

Don’t wash it every time you wear it. “I will only wash my sports bra every three [workouts],” she says. You can take it in the shower between washes and rinse it out.
Don’t put it in the dryer. That can really take a toll on it.
Don’t use fabric softener. It can erode the fabric’s sweat-wicking properties.

A, B, C cup brands/stores
Ross, Target, Walmart, JC Penney, etc.

Shock Absorber (30B to 40HH)

Ds, DDs, DDDs brands/stores
AKA Title Nine Last Resort (Up to 40DDD)

Shock Absorber (30B to 40HH)
The band size runs tight.
Also sold by Title Nine as the Trade-Up sports bra

Under Armour Armour Bra (Up to DD)

Moving Comfort (up to DDD/E)
Some friends like this brand, but I find its support highly inadequate for DD/DDD running.

F cup+ brands/stores
This place is amazing for larger chested women. Bras are $60 US but way worth it and lasting!
Similar to myintimacy, large boobies extra welcome!
Shock Absorber (30B to 40HH)
This site carries Enell, Panache, and Orange Zest Nursing Sports Bra by Cake.
This particular Glamorise style is very supportive of a 50F. Follow their sizing guide; don't assume size:

All Sizes
ENELL (32C to a 54G and custom size orders):
SUPER supportive.They have a regular one and a light version for lower impact sports.
Awesome customer service. Take the time to measure yourself properly. Best bras I've ever bought are from these folks.
(30A to 56G)
Lauren Silva 
Their site has REALLY slow-loading pages; be patient!

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