Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fit Fatties Virtual Decathlon Update

I am well on my way through the Fit Fatties Virtual Decathlon and have even begun to entertain the idea of completing a double decathlon, but the price has risen and may ultimately prove prohibitive. Even so, I'll update my progress on the blog as I go. Here is the list of events from which I plan to choose my 10.
  • 1 mile walk/run/roll Done!
  • 5k walk/run/roll
  • 10k walk/run/roll
  • Half Marathon walk/run/roll (May Heels and Hills, I hope)
  • Marathon walk/run/roll (October Tyler Rose, probably)
  • Swim – quarter mile (8 x 50m) Done!
  • Swim – half mile (16 x 50m)
  • Get in the Flow - 60 min of work with flow toy, such as poi, staff, juggling, dance/fire fans, rola bola, balance ball, aerial silks or hoop, meteor
  • Shimmy it Out (30 minute shimmy–can switch shimmy location through event)
  • Squat it Out (Do 100 squats in one day.)
  • Take a Hike (Enjoy at least a mile of the great outdoors.)
  • Stairway to Heaven (Climb 100 stairs in one day.) Done!
  • Take a Tread (Enjoy at least a mile of the great indoors. Walk on the treadmill, elliptical or other machine, or just walk around inside.) Oh, I already did this and forgot to log it. Guess I'll do it again.

Thursday, January 2: Stairway to Heaven (100 stairs)
I actually went to the first floor and walked to the top of the building, an exercise I've frequently done, though sporadically.

Saturday, January 4: 1 mile run
I felt like molasses, but with Beyonce's magical new album, I pounded it out in 09:23!

Tuesday, January 7: Quarter mile swim
I did 10 laps × 50 m untimed.

I'm hoping to run 5k tomorrow and swim again before the end of the week.

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