Wednesday, January 8, 2014

365 Project, Week 1

I decided to undertake, with little hope of completing, a 365 photo project to take a photo every day for a year with the purpose of improving my photography skills and more closely examining the world around me. I made it through one whole week.

Day 1: A picture of my new camera

Day 2: A silly, sloppy snapshot of a cast member playing with a speculum

Day 3: A cell phone photo of the golden window reflections on concrete outside my office

Day 4: A silly portrait of my friends' 4-year-old son

Day 5: The reflections of a pub in a mirror in dim light

Day 6: A clock in the windowed hall of a bank building with a focus on chiaroscuro contrast

Day 7: I never see the water features running in the winter, but it is finally below freezing in Texas.

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