Friday, July 1, 2016

Extra Fitness Gear Recs

When you spend so many hours moving, having the right gear matters for your comfort and performance. I'm not competitive, and comfort is VERY important. Here are some of my favorite fitness products. The previous post about essential gear was getting too long, so I broke it up to make a new post for non-essential items that are helpful to have.


Compression calf sleeves:
These help prevent shin splints, lessen calf soreness, and speed recovery. They are difficult to put on, and I wouldn't recommend them if one has limited dexterity/strength. I don't like the "women's" sleeves I've purchased because they were too short, and I am a short lady (5'3"). I definitely recommend the Remedy brand. I own 4 pairs and am waiting on another in the mail. Groupon frequently has them on sale for $10.

Bondi Band
Not all headbands are created equal. Bondi Bands are designed not to slip, and they have lots of fun designs. They also advertise as a "no drip" headband, but I haven't found that to be true in Texas' heat and humidity. You can get 10% off any order at with code: WithAQ

Three years ago, I bought some iLuv brand, FitActive style earbuds from Groupon for $10 and haven't stopped using them. My ears are too small to comfortably wear the standard iPod earbuds, and the in-ear interchangeable-size, dome-shaped insert style was never comfortable for me. Over-the-ear earbuds were also weird, especially navigating them around my hair, my headband, and my glasses. The iLuv FitActive style has since changed a bit, but my roommate bought the newer ones on my recommendation, and she digs them. Search for "iLuv FitActive earbuds" or get them here for $10.

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