Saturday, January 30, 2016

Choosing (and Defining) Happiness

I'm enjoying this blog post from Kaleo and want to share.
"A simple Google search of the terms ‘diet’ and ‘fitness’ reveals that fat loss is THE defining goal of virtually every fitness and diet program. Try to find a ‘success story’ that doesn’t hinge on the visible reduction of body fat. Fat loss is, quite simply, THE barometer of success in this world. When fat loss is achieved, the program is deemed successful. Most programs are marketed specifically as fat loss plans. We are, as a culture, myopically obsessed with fat loss.
"Choosing to end the relentless pursuit of fat loss is not an admission of defeat, it is not a failure. It can be a very healthy, very positive statement of self-respect.
"I can’t tell you which body you should like better, but I CAN tell you which one eats ice cream, kills workouts and has more sex. The overweight one."
Prioritize your life as best suits you. Mine will include more happiness, satisfaction, and celebration with food and friends, less obsession over calories and appearance, and more concern with action and experiences.

No one will remember my dress size when I'm dead, but they will remember my attitude and smile.

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