Thursday, August 1, 2013

Radical inclusion is a bullshit philosophy

A rant:

Radical inclusion is a bullshit philosophy that empowers bullies and criminals. No group is so desperate for membership that it should refuse to protect its members by ousting abusers.

As much as I bitch about my group, my gripes are about the pushback against our leaders' efforts to create safe spaces and anti-harassment policies. From a public relations degree, I am repeatedly disgusted by the burn community's failure to take responsibility and own its shit ethically. And NTP, too, for that matter. Too many people I love have been hurt (read: raped) repeatedly in those communities and only the criminals receive support and protection. Whether community leaders see it or not, their numbers and the quality of their membership suffer by upholding radical inclusion over basic human decency.

Flipside 2012 is the one burn I've attended, though I've been burning solo since '08-'09. I was very offput by the expectation that anyone and everyone deserved to hug me whenever they met me and as they pleased without ever asking.

I refused to partake of any illegal substances because I never have and don't know how I would react, don't know if I could care for myself, and DO NOT trust anyone there to look after me. I had a very good time with vodka, never getting drunk beyond my capacity, though to care for myself.

I was always hyper-vigilant when walking alone and spent more time alone than inserting myself in social situations. This is somewhat what I prefer, but I cannot say how much of my behavior, too, is motivated by distrust for people in general and especially who are stoned out of their gourds.

I carry a small knife on my belt (at burns, camping events, amtgard, etc.) because it's useful for mundane activities and also imparts me some sense of security.

I had a very enjoyable event overall, but it was such that I needed a break from it this year and thought maybe to return next year, or maybe Myschevia, but the medical bill killed that idea. I also feel like it's so much work trying to attend these events, trying to enjoy them, trying to insert myself in a community mostly because so many of my friends do it.

But I've heard too many stories like this, too many regular troublemakers protected, rapists protected, to try any more. It breaks my heart every time I hear of it. I'm beyond done with it. I don't know you closely or well, but I admire you greatly, care for you, and love you, my friend. If all I can do is stand beside you, I'll do that. If I were more involved, if I were more influential, I'd write and debate and rant and rave all day for you, for this, for all of us. That's not the situation, though, and I feel that I can only cut and run to protect myself.

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