Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A few random thoughts . . .

that came up in discussions today.

On aesthetic preferences in sexual attraction:
While it's understandable that a person wants to be left alone in their preferences, I think they should be encouraged to challenge and question those preferences which are so heavily influence by cultural conditioning. It ought to make them feel uncomfortable because that means they're examining the issues they need to, whether they decide to change or not. One CAN, through conscious effort, expand one's opinion of beauty. And even if it's uncomfortable, it's a positive progression.

On “word policing”:
Language shapes our thinking, and if people are allowed to use it unconsciously in harmful ways, they perpetuate harmful thinking. Nothing is lost when we put our foot down and say that using "gay," "lame," or "retarded" as pejoratives is not OK and that we expect others to make the effort to utilize any one of thousands of other adjectives to describe negative situations. Word policing is a necessary component of idea policing and forcing progress.

In the context of body positivity, it means pointing out the problematic nature of using the phrase "tramp stamp" and of using euphemisms for body types such as "fit" or "takes care of oneself" and of conflating weight with health.

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