Monday, April 8, 2013

Race Reviews

These are all DFW area runs I've completed since 2011. I'll add as I think of it.


Warrior Dash 5K: great event for all abilities, fun & family friendly atmosphere, lotsa costumes, easy obstacles (mostly), good pacing (April 2011)

Heels & Hills Half Marathon (and full available): Great organization, volunteer pacers for wide range of time goals, nice course, not hilly, great volunteers (May 2011)

Gladiator Rock N Run 4+ mi: Difficult, mixed obstacles, very difficult [read: impossible] rope climb (June 2012)

Foam Fest 5K: cake walk, sloppy organization, DO NOT INHALE! No joke. Best showers of any mud run (Fall 2012)

Hero Rush 4-5mi: LONG (2:08), one really tough and one tricky obstacle, minimal mud intended, great volunteers (April 2013)

Mixed feelings:

Merrell Down & Dirty 5K: too long stretches between obstacles, too few water stations, great volunteers (summer 2011)

Electric Run 5K: GREAT course through Fair Park, good music, awesome decor. This is a night run, no obstacles. Problems: No fucking bag check. Not good for people taking the DART when the weather is cold. (January 2013)

Thumbs down:

Glow Run 5K: Traffic is only partially sometimes blocked off from race course, difficult to park/leave, no fucking bag check, TERRIBLE long lines for sign-in, periodic black light stations with DJs but not music + lights throughout whole course (November 2012)

Patriot Games 5K: dangerous course with barbed wire lying around ground, too few volunteers, no one near questionable 25-30 foot wall climb, barbecue ignited huge grass fire during peak of Texas Is Burning season. Alcohol-free beer. (fall 2011)

Firefly Run 5K: No separate waves, all runners and walkers released at once = clusterfuck of several thousand people, no one clearing the finish line so people stopped abruptly and trapped in crowd, can't get to water, danger of passing out. Course was changed from what was previously published so I sent my family to where they couldn't see the race. Traffic and parking is AWFUL. (Spring 2012)

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