Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sacré Bleu

I've had a renewed interest in dollhouses this year, and in addition to remodeling the one my late grandmother built for me, I've been watching Craigslist regularly for others to cherish.

When a beautiful Windflower Manor listing dropped from $200 to $70, I jumped on the opportunity, contacted the seller, and asked my aunt to come with me to pick it up because at 52 inches tall, it certainly wouldn't fit in my Corolla. It was even bigger than I'd imagined, and the seller had cut the price again to $60 for a recent garage sale.


She said it was built in the ’80s, and her mother-in-law was going to get rid of it a few years ago, so she drove up to Chicago to bring it back to Texas and had begun refurbishing it. But her 2-year-old took a liking to it, specifically to climbing on it, so it HAD to go.


Yes, it's absurdly large, but I'll have fun decorating the interior and touching up some of the minor wear and tear. It's in nice shape overall, though. And I certainly won't be tempted to buy any more dollhouses as long as I live here — I now have three sitting in my room since there's not space in the craft room, and I wouldn't trust the cats anyway.

I'll not be able to work on it any time soon since the Willowcrest still needs finished and I'm presently working on a witch cottage room box, but it will be a great place to keep the surplus of miniature furniture I have while I work on the other house. And I'll share more pictures of all these in future posts.

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