Friday, May 13, 2016

Doggone Gone and Done It

In the words of Shania, well, I doggone gone and done it.

Last night I set out for a bike ride on a new-to-me trail, intending only to ride 7 miles out and 7 back. But when I got to the lake at the end of the “out,” I was feeling good, the weather was cooler than expected, and I had plenty of daylight left. So I thought, “Why not do a loop around the lake before heading back?” I ended up riding 25 miles instead of 14 and “racing” to reach my car before dark.

In truth, I sorely regretted the last 5 miles or so: I was SO tired! But I had no choice except to ride back to my car; I certainly didn’t want to walk back 5 miles. Seriously, I was SO tired and just wanted to rest a bit, but it was getting dark! So I kept pedaling.

And I had my new BAWG kit to test out. BAWG is an acronym for Bad-Ass Warrior Goddess, and I think the sexy kit with Wonder Woman-esque design gave me delusions of strength.

But I did it! I made it back to my car just after dusk fell and drove myself home to sit upon an ice pack and sip a stout beer. I was exhausted and my muscles ached, but I felt that ‘satisfaction of a workout well-done’ languor. And I looked damn good in my new kit.

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