Thursday, April 2, 2015

Missed Connections: The Evangelical Incident

To the asshole who littered my car, and only my car, with evangelical garbage while I swam laps at the senior pool this morning, here's something just for you.

I also put your garbage in the recycle bin for you.

Since no one else's car in the lot was profaned thusly, I can only assume that you took issue with my Bisexual Pride flag, "I Stand with Planned Parenthood," and "At Gods We Chuckle" bumper decals, deliberately ignoring the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society decal and EIGHT other race stickers from among the 30+ events I participated in last year alone, benefiting SCORES of local and global charities.

While you kill trees, waste natural resources, and litter, I raised over $5,000 for local, national, and global charities in 2014 and gathered over 100 pounds of food and 250 pounds of clothing donations for my local food bank and domestic violence shelter.

FUCK YOU, YOU JUDGMENTAL PIECE OF SHIT. How DARE YOU call yourself a “Christian”?

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