Monday, March 31, 2014

I love this death star

The Sun, that is.

Saturday I joined a group for Hiking Yoga, which entailed a brisk 5k walk along Katy Trail with four yoga stops over the course of 90 minutes. I had bought a Groupon for it because it was cheap and intriguing. I'm not much a yoga person, so I was thrilled with the focus on cardio. The yoga we did do was simple stretches enjoyable for someone as inflexible as I am. I had a lovely time but do not think I would invest in attending regularly.

I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at Amtgard and absorbing all the rays I could get.

I confess I did not wear any sunblock that day, though I didn't feel any ill effects at the end of the day. I'm usually very good about wearing sunblock, but I have been deprived of sun for far too long this winter.

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