Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Training 9-29

Since this is my blog and I talk a lot about running and training, I'm going to use it as a place to post/track/brag about my weekly training.

Sunday, 9-22: 6.01 mi trail run in 1:44, 17:18 pace at Cedar Ridge Preserve
Wednesday, 9-25: 2.01 mi road run in 00:24:38, 12:15 pace around my neighborhood
Thursday, 9-26: 3.7 mi  trail run in 00:55, 14:51 pace at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
Saturday, 9-28: 6.99 mi road run in 1:45, 15:01 pace in Atoka, OK

Road runner achievement unlocked: Narrowly missed stepping in roadkill

Week total: 18.71 mi
Month total: 46 mi
August total: 25 mi
October goal: 70 mi
End of year progress: 25 mi (from 9-18 start)
End of year goal: 150 mi

New gear this week:

  • Compression calf sleeves - Mother-freaking-magical! I wore them the two days following the 6-mi trail run, and calf pain was virtually nil. I am going to wear these to tatters.
  • Arm sleeves - Run was warmer than expected, but the sleeves easily become comfortable wrist bands. I guess I'll try 'em again in a few months.
  • Running water bottle - At 20 oz, the full weight is a bit awkward. It's very unpleasant to hold in humidity with its slick sides. Solid spout did the job I needed it to.
  • Reflective vest - Supposedly one size fits all, but I couldn't fasten the velcro as tightly as I needed around my waist, and it slid up around my rib cage, creating an awkward chest bubble. I didn't get run over, but it was ugly, bulky, and uncomfortable. I don't think I'll wear it again. Wonder if I can find a kid size?
  • LED bracelet - Identical to one I own and like, but the closure on the new one slides open if I look at it wrong and is awkward and difficult to fasten. At least it was only $2.

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