Friday, April 23, 2010

Got our costumes at class last night. Bleck.

Though I'm really pleased at how quickly I'm picking up the choreography and can't help thinking how amazing I'd be if I actually practiced like I said I would. Speaking of, I should probably finish choreographing that thing I intend to perform in two weeks. Hmm. And stop eating donuts while I'm at it. Hahaha. One of these might happen.

And oh yeah, I have to learn a line dance and a drum solo, too. Maybe I'm taking on too much. But the drum solo is short, and I am confident in my abilities to, um... dance purdy? *Shrug* It's a dark club and I'll be in the middle of a group of 9 in a color that stands out, so no pressure. I wish I weren't so blasé about this whole thing; it's just that I spend so much energy stressing over work that nothing else can make its way onto my list of concerns.

And there's nothing like a little deadline pressure to improve the quality of my work. I think it's more time efficient anyway to crank out a 10-page paper in one five hour session than to spend weeks researching, writing, and revising. I pulled off a 3.0 GPA with that M.O.

I'll be getting together with my classmates for a Sunday rehearsal at least.

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